Calgary Outdoor Club +More - How You Can Help

Calgary Outdoor Club +More - How You Can Help


Calgary Outdoor Club +More is free to join and most of our events are free to attend, however, we still have bills to pay, so we ask periodically for members to make a Voluntary Donation to the club based on (1) their participation in the club (i.e., the value they receive from being a member), and (2) what they can afford. Our suggestion is $2 per event, to a maximum of $20 per year.

Two Ways to Pay

  1. Our preferred method for sending donations is to send an e-transfer to For the security question, please use:
    Q: Calgary what club?
    A: Outdoor

    If you prefer not to send an e-transfer, you can make a donation via:

  2. Cash: Some Event Coordinators may be willing to accept your annual donation at an event and submit it to COC on your behalf. It doesn't hurt to ask, but if the answer is 'no', please consider submitting your donation another way. Event Coordinators are not obligated to handle money on behalf of the club.

  3. Credit Card: At this time we don't have a method for making a donation via credit card.
  4. Mail a cheque: At this time we don't have a method for making a donation via cheque.

Keeping Track

The club does not track your donations, nor does it follow up with you when "it's time to for you to make a donation". We will provide lots of reminders about donating, but it is up to you to decide when it’s time. Some folks like to donate at the start of the year out of unfettered optimism for the year ahead, and some folks like to donate at the end of the year once they know how much value they’ve gotten from the club, and some folks just like to donate when the mood strikes them. We are happy with any/all donation philosophies and will leave the decision up to you.

You can further support the club by becoming a Volunteer.


Is your company or organization interested in being a sponsor of Calgary Outdoor Club +More?

COC is actively seeking sponsors to donate on a yearly (or monthly) basis. This allows the club to supplement the "voluntary donations" on which we currently rely to cover our expenses.

Sponsors get:

To become a sponsor of COC, or for more information about becoming a COC sponsor, please contact us at


Volunteers are the backbone of our Club. We have no paid staff, and function entirely on the personal commitment of these people:

Event Coordinators:
Join our fantastic team of Event Coordinators by organizing a COC event! Share with others the activities that you enjoy at times that are convenient to you! For many activities, you need not be an expert to organize something. For more information, please review and follow the coordinator checklist.

Administrative Positions: 
Calgary Outdoor Club +More has a number of administrative functions that happen behind the scenes. If you are interested in volunteering on one of these committees, please contact Julie at to apply.  

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