Calgary Outdoor Club - How You Can Help


Is your company or organization interested in being a sponsor of the Calgary Outdoor Club?

The COC is actively seeking sponsors to donate on a yearly (or monthly) basis. This allows the club to supplement the "voluntary donations" on which we currently rely to cover our expenses.

Sponsors get:

A banner ad at the top right of COC web pages. There are a total of 24 banner spots in our banner rotation, which cost $250/year each. A sponsor may purchase one spot (for $250/year), or as many spots as they want (out of the remaining available spots). If you purchase one spot, your banner will appear on at least 1/24 COC pages (until we have full sponsorship, your banner will appear more frequently). Purchasing more spots will increase your coverage appropriately (two spots will make your banner appear at least 1/12 times, and so on).

Your banner ad, link, and company description on our "Sponsors" page.

Mention in our e-mail newsletters which are sent out approximately 1/month.

To become a sponsor of the COC, or for more information about becoming a COC sponsor, please contact us at See our current Partners and Sponsors.


The Calgary Outdoor Club is free to join as a Regular Member. We do ask for an event fee and voluntary donations are always welcome to help us pay for things like web hosting, insurance, printing fees, club mailbox, etc.

To keep it as fair as possible, we ask for an event fee on a "pay as you go" basis. When you attend an event, simply give your event fee to the event coordinator.

You can further support the club by purchasing a Premier Membership or become a Volunteer.


Volunteers are the backbone of our Club. We have no paid staff, and function entirely on the personal commitment of these people:

Join 100+ other Event Coordinators by leading a COC event! Share with others the activities that you enjoy at times that are convenient to you! For many activities, you need not be an expert to organize something. (We think almost anyone could lead a hike, for instance.) For more information, please review and follow the coordinator checklist.

The Calgary Outdoor Club Board of Directors consists of the following positions. These positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting. If you are interested in joing the Board, please contact the Executive at to apply.


The Calgary Outdoor Club has a number of administrative functions that happen behind the scenes. If you are interested in volunteering on one of these committees, please contact Noel at to apply.