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Headway Systems
At Headway Systems, we take pride in developing custom database and software solutions for your business. Whether you need a new database system, an enhancement to an existing system, a web database system, or website hosting, Headway’s team of consultants can analyze your organization’s needs and create the solution that is right for you.

Play Outside Guide
Outdoor adventure travel in Western Canada & beyond

Shoe Solutions
Foot pain assessments, shoe fitting and sales, shoe repairs & modifications, and now their own brand of socks, Shoe Solutions is passionate about foot health and performance devices that literally change the next steps you take in life!

Shoe Solutions uses digital 3D volumetric images to accurate fit the length, width and total volume of your foot. They then isolate pressure areas with their barometric sensor pate and educate you on your “foot type” as well as observe your dynamic GAIT. With all of this information, we utilize our training and experience to provide the most accurate individualized footwear and foot care recommendations for any situation and/or lifestyle.

Their ShoeLabs are a unique initiative to personalize and customize footwear to your exact, unique needs. With ShoeLabs, their goal is to use our technology and equipment to do everything from 3D printing, to leather work, lifts/elevations and shoe stretching.

Shoe Solutions’ RFM (Relentless Forward Motion) socks are designed and manufactured in Southern Alberta using all-Canadian-sourced materials. They are thermo-regulating, moisture- wicking and antibacterial, and are performance fitted with reinforced toe and heel. See more here.


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