Calgary Outdoor Club +More - Statistics

This page is current as of Wednesday, November 29, 2023.

April 14, 2003 Established
May 3, 2003 First Event Held
20243 Events Held to Date
20 Average Number of Events per Month (Last 12 Mo's)
202148 ** Total Person-Trips Completed
20 Most Events Held in One Day (7/12/2008)
403 * Total Current Members
  Active Members:
80 Attended 3 or more events in last 6 months
67 Attended 6 or more events in last year
61 Attended 20 or more events in last three years
110 ***Cumulative Active Members
189 Attended at least 1 event in last year
158 Attended 50 or more events total
1315Most events attended by a member (Duane)
14 Signed up for at least 1 future event
2 Signed up for 3 or more future events
0.2 In the Last 30 Days, Number of Members to Join Per Day
350 Number of Members Residing in Calgary
53 Number of Members Residing Outside of Calgary
53.7 Average Age
9Under 25 years old
1025 to 29 years old
1330 to 34 years old
2335 to 39 years old
2640 to 44 years old
4345 to 49 years old
279Over 50 years old
41 Total Members who are Club Volunteers
3 Total Members who are named Jennifer
0 Total Volunteers who are named Jennifer
Gender percentages are compiled only from those members that provide this optional info in their profile.
57% Percentage Female
43% Percentage Male
0% Percentage Other
* Note that inactive accounts are removed after 24 months. This number, and the other membership stats on this page, are a reflection of the number of people who have joined the club, or attended an event, in the past 24 months.
** Number is approximate.
*** Many members may meet more than one criteria for "Active Membership". This number reflects the true number of members, avoiding double-counting people.