Thu, Mar 10 2005 - Dinner - Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus (Dutch Pancakes) (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Wendy Wong
Participants:Laury B, meran s, Lori L, Teresa C, Germaine G, Richard V, Wendy Wong, Marcel B, Stephen T, Sibel (Mushroom), Karen Y, Angela d, Ian M, Holly P, Jessie H, Jennifer H, Stephanie

Write Up:
I was a bit worried when I arrived to find that the restaurant had divided us up into three adjoining tables. But I shouldn't have, as the veteran members welcomed the newbies with the sharing of conversation and food :)

As many were eager to sample the cuisine (ie, "were starving"), we only waited 5 minutes for the latecomers before ordering! I was pleased to discover that we had a few members that could order (and sing) in Dutch, got a mini-lesson on name pronunication, and found out that "Bubbles" was just a nickname. I was impressed that the other table (with only 1 guy, alias Ian) ordered two dessert pannenkoeks but I had to convince my table (with 4 guys) to even consider dessert. And when we couldn't finish our dessert, Ian graciously and skillfully helped us out - using the serving spatula, too! This demonstration validated his expertise in leading chocolate events (see his Dec 16 event).

While the rest of us of ordinary folks went home, Stephen and Ian were off to their 2nd COC event that night - gymnastics!

- Wendy
Lively conversation at our table ranging anywhere from trips to Peru/New York, knee injuries, and brassieres. Great food and company.

- Karen
Very yummy.  Good conversation.

- Jennifer
It was a wonderful introduction to the Calgary Outdoor Club for me. I was particularly struck by how friendly and welcoming everyone was and the casual ambience at the the Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus encouraged easy introductions and relaxed conversation.

I've had pannenkoek in the Netherlands and these were very authentic--perhaps just a little more fried & crisper than I remember. I was full after the main course crepe but few of us (and I wasn't one of them) were able to resist sharing a Black Forest pannenkoek for dessert.

After coming back this evening, I signed up for two more Outdoor Club events (this time actually going outdoors!)--that's the clearest evidence I can offer that I had a really enjoyable evening with all of you at the Pfaanntastic Pannenkoek Haus. I look forward to meeting my fellow diners again and to continue to meet other members of the club.

- Jessie