Fri, Sep 11 2009, Sat, Sep 12 2009, Sun, Sep 13 2009 - Waterton: Camping/Hiking Trip for Slowpokes (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Kim Parkin
Participants:Paul G, Kim Parkin, Marika P, Elizabeth H, pauline t, Trevor K, Sam g, Ed K, Leah S, Eric James N, Patrice C, Ian P

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Write Up:
What an amazing weekend! We got off to a shakey start with people not being able to find each other at the campground and one group arriving quite late, but then the stars aligned (OMG they were amazing!) and everything fell into place.

We had a campfire on Friday night which allowed everyone to get to know each other a bit. After a cold night we were ready to hit the trail. Crypt Lake did not disappoint. A number of individuals were able to conquer their fears of elevation, heights and cramped spaces and everyone made it back to the dock before the boat, although some of us didn't have much time to spare. I was very thankful for a very quick dip in the lake before the boat docked. How often do you see 30 degree temperatures in Waterton on September 12th?

The evening was spent preparing and eating a gourmet meal supervised by master chef Jim. Thank you so much for all your preparations Jim, that meal will be talked about for years to come. Thanks to a wood finding mission (Marika and Leah have amazing lock picking skills) we were able to stay cozy and warm by the fire Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we ate Jim's pancakes, broke camp and then headed to Red Rock Canyon for a limbering up session. We ended the weekend with a nice leisurely lunch in Waterton. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful weekend!!!! Take care of those blisters Trevor.