Sat, Oct 3 2009 - Plain of Six Glaciers (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Bruce F
Participants:Irina B, Marina S, Marina 2, Steve O, eba, Olga (Lelik), Bruce F, Carmen, Derek Y, Alex R

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Write Up:
Upon arriving in Lake Louise, we stopped in at Laggan's Bakery for the obligatory "pre-event" fill of pastry and coffee (who could resist!); and due to the amount of snow on the ground outside, no one was in any particular rush to leave the warmth of the bakery. Nevertheless, after sufficient amounts of pastry & coffee, we forgot about the snow and moved on to the Chateau where we "officially" began our hike. Even with an overcast sky and light snow falling, the scenery remained "postcard" picturesque, which meant we were forced to frequently stop and pull out our cameras in order to capture the mystifying views. Lunch, though brief due to the cold temperatures at the top, was held by the cliffs overlooking the six glaciers. After lunch, we slowly made our way back down to the teahouse, which to everyone's surprise was still open this late in the season. We were treated towards the end of the hike with an added bonus of a "snow couple" sitting on a bench near the bottom of the trail. A few pokes and prods quickly confirmed our suspicions that there was no one permanently frozen underneath either of the two snowy exteriors. In the end, although the mountains were only partially visible and the weather a tad uncomfortable, everyone enjoyed the wintery views and were sufficiently pleased about having completed the hike. To reward ourselves for our heartiness, and for persevering to the bitter end, we ended the day by stopping off for dinner at the Rose & Crown in Banff.

I just want to add a thank you to everyone in attendance for making my first "event" as a coordinator such a pleasurable and rewarding experience!