Sat, Oct 31 2009 - Halloween Party--Uncle Eddie's Pub (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Britta, Jason Sokolosky
Participants:Elka PK, Kathy W, Tsering D, Diana Z, Rod, Liz Elder, Irene G, Tracy, Jon H, Michelle, Sofia, John C., Heather Mosher, Cody, Lindsey, Dan Lamden, Jack Paulsen, Ana, Pascale C., Blake H., Mike H., Aga, Phil (Last Minute Safari Phil), Mark P, Andrew S, Laura R, Jo, Elissa (Smoo), Teresa, Eva, RandyS, Britta, Jason Sokolosky, Phil (Outdoor Phil), Marta Heske, Joanna, Przemek Heske, Debra, Steve O, Holly W., Deborah F, Nancy F, Kamal, Jill B, jrajchel, Morley, Diana F, Craig marshall, Ping, Ken F, Karen, Kimberly Getty, Estela, John B, Anna-Lisa, Robin R, Erin, Rick M, Robyn H, Ian Gammack, Ves S, Richelle Neill

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Write Up:
The party was a success! People started arriving around 7:15, and most people left around 12:30 am - after the awards were announced. The best part was no cleaning afterward!!! Best costume went to Robyn How as Smurfette. Thanks for all who came! Jason & Britta