Sat, Jan 30 2010 - Rummel Lake Snowshoe - Slowpokes & Dawdlers (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Karen D, Veronica J.
Participants:Karen D, Mike V, Veronica J., Judy T, Erin Murphy, Jeff F, FranW, Faye Shan, Bev L, Lindsay T, Lynn W, Martin L

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Write Up:
Winter snowshoeing at its best !!! It was an overcast day with a temperature of -5°C at the trailhead – fabulous for picture taking and not overheating on ascent or being way toooo cold during lunch !

The majority of the group had never hiked nor snowshoed Rummel Lake before which made the event even more special ! After gearing up, we started our ascent to the lake. The trail was snowpacked and opened. There were a few smaller groups, some snowshoers, others ski touring, that passed us along the way, as we were the official “slowpoke group” !! We got up to the lake in good time, and there was silence at the beginning of lunch since everyone was hungry and were concentrating on their great lunches !!

Winter camping is permitted at Rummel Lake, and this was the first time there weren’t any “quinzes” (spelling?) at the lake.

Once we ate, there were a lot of photo opportunities, and a group photo was also shot. I tried to push my boyfriend Mike to the ground during a pic, but he got the better of me and pulled me down with him !!

On the way back, many of us, actually all of us, went off the packed trail into the deep snow and had lots of fun slip sliding away ! Martin kept finding the deep deep sugar snow and kept falling back on his snowshoes ! Erin managed to push Mike down into the deep snow and asked the innocent question of “what happened Mike??” Mike finally got Erin back later and sneaked up as best as one can in snowshoes and got her deep into the snow ! There was also a little match between Bev & Martin ! Laughter could be heard all around as our group descended back to the trailhead ! Veronica & Faye (or was it Lindsay – forgive me ladies) took a shortcut off the trail into a deep rapid descent and survived !!!

Thank you for joining me on this great snowshoe day in Kananaskis Country !

Encounters on the trail/event: Wonderful views, other snowshoers, ski tourers, dogs, deep deep snow, the always present whisky jacks at lunch, and lots of smiles& laughter !!!!

Happy Trails :)
Karen D.