Tue, Mar 30 2010 - DodgeBall (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Duane
Participants:Duane, Can V, Jamie M, Brian K, Nigel M, Kinuyo C, Franco, Brad M, Phill S, Christine S, Chris S, Gerardo Enrique Marquez, Hali B, ryan c, Spencer C, John N, Morgan C, Michelle B, Robert M, Kevin B, Fang R, Sweller Van Dweller, Lois M, xcb a, Darwin B, Warren F, Kelly S, Ethel S, Edward S, Melanie B, Erick M, Tosheena T, Kimberly H, Giovanni C, Ashley P, Chris C, Rachael S, Jennifer G, Toby B, Martha D, Corrin L, Al-Noor P, Ian H, Jared B

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Write Up:
Week 17

Our final dodge ball before the Easter break was a great success as 44 participants crammed into St Stephen’s Junior High School Gymnasium to compete in round 17 of the 2009-2010 dodge ball season! It was a rare treat to have every single registrant show up allowing us the opportunity to play with 4 even teams of 11. You could feel the anticipation in the air as participants prepared for another opportunity to hoist the most coveted prize in all of COC sports, the Dodge Ball Cup and have their name forever engraved on the infamous, Dodge Ball Wall of Fame! As usual, participants were randomly divided into 4 teams and given the task of coming up with a name for themselves. After a few minutes of team bonding, the names were submitted and the quest for GOLD began with game 1 of the 20 game round robin.

Each team played 10 times before being seeded for the playoff rounds. Rookie Green Balls proved to be anything but as they dominated play, losing just once to finish with an impressive 9-1 record. Spit Balls and Million Dollar Dodgers were neck and neck all tournament long finishing with 6-4 and 5-5 records respectively. Finally the lowly Fire in the Disco squad got burned big time losing all 10 of their matches to go a perfect 0-10. Our statisticians are currently scouring the record books to determine if any other team has managed such a feat!

In the semi-finals, fourth place Fire in the Disco was unable to muster any kind of Cinderella story come back and were quickly eliminated from gold medal contention by a very powerful Rookie Green Balls squad. Meanwhile, in other action, the 3rd place Million Dollar Dodgers upset the #2 ranked Spit Balls in a surprising series sweep to earn a date with the Rookie Green Balls in the gold medal series.

In the medal round, the Spit Balls took advantage of a very dejected Fire in the Disco squad, capturing the bronze with a 2 game series sweep. The final two losses earned the Disco squad the distinction of holding the longest losing streak in COC dodge ball history, a whopping 14 games! After the tournament, Franco turned down repeated requests for an interview but offered a few sound bites off camera where he complained about their team’s name. “I don’t know what that Hali was thinking, I mean seriously, DISCO?? Who wants to be associated with that kind of music anyway???” “It was a distraction all night, especially when our team name was announced at the beginning of each match to little snickers throughout the crowd. It was embarrassing and definitely impacted our play tonight!”

In the Gold medal series, Million Dollar Dodgers jumped out to an early series lead only to have their party spoiled by a resilient Rookie Green Balls squad who stormed back to win the next two games and the series. The comeback was a direct result of the stellar play of Parry Loeffler who went from zero to hero this week after leading his team to gold! “A week ago you media guys were all over me questioning my passion, desire and grit after I stepped over centre and cost my team the gold.” “Well tonight I stand before you a new man with a new found passion for the game. I trust I have silenced my critics and proven once and for all I still have what it takes to be a champion in this sport!” Congratulations Rookie Green Balls on your gold medal performance tonight!

GOLD ~ ROOKIE GREEN BALLS : Spencer, Chris S, Rahul, Ryan, Darwin, Nigel, Rachael, Kelly, Gerardo, Ethel and Parry

SILVER ~ MILLION DOLLAR DODGERS : Ashley, Ian, Jared, Jen, Kevin, Erick, Ed, Fluffy, Michelle B, Brad and Martha

BRONZE ~ SPITBALLS : Duane, Phil, Rob, Lois, John N, Toby, Fang, Corrin, Jamie, Kinuyo and Morgan

PARTICIPACTION PIN ~ FIRE IN THE DISCO : Brian, John V, Giovanni, Tosheena, Hali, Chris C, Franco, Al-Noor, Warren, Kim and Melanie

ALSO:Don't forget to check out the DODGE BALL WALL OF FAME where you can view individual medal rankings along with photos of previous winners!



1. Gerardo 72 pts
2. Franco 66 pts
3. Duane 64 pts
4. Kinuyo 56 pts
5. John N 48 pts
6. Julie B 48 pts
7. Ethel 47 pts
8. Lois 47 pts
9. Rahul 47 pts

Thanks for playing, see you next time!