Sat, Jul 17 2010 - Minnewanka Shuttle (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Carol Guthrie, Roy Scarisbrick
Participants:Carol Guthrie, Roy Scarisbrick, Richard B, Kayla B, Mike S., Pat Mc, Racquel, Jason Sokolosky, Andrew S, SarahW, Laurie C, Mark P, Troy Bauman, Daryl B.

Write Up:
We had an awesome ride and great sunny conditions. The trail on the east end is a little bit overgrown but still in great shape. We lucked out at the canal crossing as it was only knee deep. A few people were up to the challenge to ride across the canal. The trip was not without mechanical issues with a cut side wall, broken chain, seized wheel bearing and torn off derailleur. Thank god for people with mechanical know how and most importantly people with repair kits. We didn't need the first aid gear this trip but if people came as prepared with first aid as we were with bike tools we could do open heart surgery. Thanks everyone for a great trip