Sat, Jul 23 2005 - Aussie Rules (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Dave B, Wendy Wong
Participants:Lara B, Ryan K, Patricia M, Gloria B, Cecilia P, Tamara W, Kenneth F, Don G, An H, Wendy Wong, Dave B, Andrea S, Denise F, Greg Y, paige s, Bianca B, Chrystal R, Yvette K, Joyce C, Laury B, Lillian S, Connie S, Robert J, Laura P, John Stoodley, T Stoodley, Julia Fung, Doris, Ken, Tollio, Nadine Larsh, Barry M, Dave H, Felix B, patti g, Hana S, Darren L, Lori H, Tanya L, jody c, Bernie D, Kathy C, Hassan H, Karen R

Write Up:

Aussie-Aussie-Aussie-Oy-Oy-Oy! I think this saying is burned into the memory banks of everyone who attended this fantastically fun filled night.

Competitions betweeen the sexes added to the amusement even though I believe the outcomes were somewhat biased and prearranged. I think everyone is more aware of their own body parts and have even become more friendly with other's hoo-hoo's (people might have to attend an evening to understand this statement).

Thanks to all (and there were many people) who attended and look forward to another evening of much frivolity.

- Dave B

It was an impressive turnout as I was concerned people would be too tired after hiking or might have opted for football or the Folk Fest. Though we managed to nab another table to eliminate our huge waitlist, there still didn't seem to be enough seats for all the enthusiastic people who showed up!

As suspected, COC members (& their friends) didn't need much encouragement (or alcohol) to sing along, wave our lighters/cell phones, stand on chairs, rub nipples, grab butts, or get up on the stage AND we weren't even celebrating a birthday, stag or stagette! One unnamed member was asked to get off the piano. Another led the women up on stage. Many of us are hoarse from singing & yelling (though we weren't loud enough to win free beer). Four of us stayed until the music stopped. Those that left earlier, missed the undescribable dancing moves of two members on stage (which kept the pianists playing extra songs).

Fortunately or unfortunately, few incriminating photos were taken. You just had to be there.

See below for other interpretations of the night (& guess who did what based on their comments).

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!

- Wendy was a blast! My favorite part was when the stone cold sober (nondrinking) bachelor Stacey whooped it up half naked on stage. Nice tattoos! Aussie Rules RULZ!
- Lily

I had a great time last night with the group... I loved the piano players, and I loved the music and the audience participaction (lol) was the BOMB!! Today I feel like I had a good workout, I can tell ya, not like I sat at the bar and had a couple of drinks!...I am leaving for vacation tomorrow, so what a farewell bon voyage party!
- Tamara

I was surprised at how energetic the show was, I loved that.
- Darren

They need a bigger dance floor!
- Don

The pianists rocked and the audience brought the roof down.
- Cecilia

Who knew I knew so many songs? Who knew I could drink so many beers?...Awesome.
- Ryan

I thought the music/atmosphere was great! Only regret was my friends weren't able to join me.
- Joyce

My favorite part was when we were allowed to dance on our chairs and how they were always involving the audience. It's always fun to be able to do something that you're not allowed to do at a typical dance club.
- Denise

My fav part was the spontaneity. I don't drink much so the crazy evening of laughing and dancing and singing will definitely be etched in my mind... It is not embarassing or insulting...just good ol' FUN.
- Tanya