Sat, Jun 5 2010 - Highwood Pass Area (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Britta, Jason Sokolosky
Participants:Britta, Jason Sokolosky, Phyllis, Graeme Sams, Kevin W, Gerard G, Matt, Rob, Samantha Stuart, John B, Arend M

Write Up:
As we drove to the south gate, it was raining. Fortunately when we arrived the rain stopped. The temperature was a little cool for the ride, but overall it worked out and we never got rained on the entire day.

There was lots of suspense as to whether there was snow on the road and we could make it to the summit. The snow didn't stop us and there was only a little on the road and we made it to the summit. We met the other COC group that was only doing the North gate to the summit at the top and chatted with them briefly.

Phyllis decided to turn back, and the others debated whether we should continue to the North Gate. Jason pushed for the North gate and away we went.

We waited for everyone at the North gate, and then headed back, not stopping long at the summit. As we road back to the car the sun came out and it was beautiful along the valley as we cycled back.

Of course we went for dinner and drinks in Longview before returning to the carpool.

Total time for the ride was about 6:00 with 45 mins of breaks.