Sun, Dec 26 2010 - Marushka (Shark) Lake (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Judy T
Participants:Judy T, Ed K, Veronica J., Iren G, Ann N, Leonard Kampel, Lisa S, Susanne A, Kerry W

Write Up:
We certainly worked off our Christmas dinners and then some today.

At the Peter Lougheed Visitor Centre, the very nice park employee told us that 2 other groups had headed out to Shark Lake previously this winter but that neither of them had actually found the lake. When I mentioned that the trail was marked with plastic ties on the trees, she told us not to count on them being there anymore. So we really didn't know what we would face, but our intrepid group headed out with high hopes and lots of energy. Boy, did we need it.

We followed the packed trail for a while until it was obvious that it was heading in the wrong direction; after that, we were on our own. We took turns breaking trail (OK, so Iren did the bulk of the work) and with only one small "detour" (which ended in a really fun snowslide down a hillside), we got back on track - following the elusive yellow plastic ties that were still there - and made it to the lake!

After a quick lunch, we retraced our steps, this time managing to find the more or less official trail. The snow was beautiful and deep, the weather was pleasant (for the end of December), and the snow showers light and pretty. Best of all, we really NEEDED our snowshoes today!

Thanks and happy holidays, everyone!