Sat, May 7 2011 - Sulphur Mountain - Legendary Ed's 89th Birthday - Part 2 Slowpokes & Dawdlers (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Karen D, Judy T
Participants:Karen D, Ed K, debbie c, Ann N, Judy T, Katherine D, Laura L, Stephanie C, Irtaza Naqvi, Margie, Iren G, Patty H

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Write Up:
I’m happy to report that every year on Ed’s birthday, the tradition continues whereby the weather gods give him a birthday present of not good, but fantastic weather !!!

We got to the trailhead and it was sunny & cool, perfect for hiking Sulphur. The birthday boy arrived with a big smile looking forward to hiking for a second day in a row !

What a great group today as well – we all hike at the same pace and stayed together during the hike. The trail had loose snowpack on it due to the foot of snow from last weekend, which hadn’t melted yet to ice ! Yaktraks & icers were needed. It took our large group 2 ½ hours to hike up – we took our time and enjoyed the views along the way. It was Syed's first time on Sulphur !

We got up to the top and took some group shots and went in for lunch. I highly recommend the chilli at the restaurant, and Ed loves it too with a beer ! For dessert, we had not one but two chocolate treats (cupcakes & cake). We got the candles lit and sang Happy Birthday to Ed, and the rest of the restaurant joined in on the song & applause !! The treats were delicious !! We had a few cupcakes leftover, and Debbie gave some to a couple of young girls at the restaurant with their parents permission. Their eyes lit up when they saw the cupcakes !! Ann & Debbie also started a new tradition by giving Ed a special baseball cap. Custom ordered for Legendary Ed with a great “pic” on the front, and on the back, it reads “Follow The Legend” !!!!

After lunch, we split into two groups. One hiked down the trail which included Ed. Ed will never pass up an opportunity to hike and I’ve always said he would hike to the moon if he could !!! The other group hiked up to the Cosmic Ray Station, and then took the gondola back down.

We all regrouped at the Rimrock Hotel at the Larkspur Lounge and had a well deserved drink ! We then went to Ed’s favourite restaurant in Canmore – Patrino’s – he loves their pizza, but tonight’s special was primerib and Ed couldn’t resist !

I want to thank everyone for a great day and for bringing the birthday “gear” for celebrating Ed’s birthday !!! Ed expressed his fondness of this day and what everyone has done for him in his birthday speech.

See you on his 90th !!!

Happy trails,

Karen D.