Thu, Aug 18 2005 - Movie at The Globe: March of the Penguins (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Dave B, Wendy Wong
Participants:Kathleen P, Shana O, Sarah, music man, Wendy Wong, Marcel B, Wendy, Dave B, Michelle H., Barry McConnell, John Sym, Laurie T., Rhonda O, Kerryn, Mike W

Write Up:
A beautifully shot & inspiring film.

If you ever thought romance was tough, be VERY glad you are not an Emperor Penguin in the Antarctic! That is, in order to find romance/ a mate, you have to: do A LOT of walking (or gliding on your belly if too tired to walk [Note to self: I must remember to pass along this tip to winter event coordinators.] ), survive months of fasting, endure long periods of separation without contact IF you find a mate as there are more females than males [What does that say about females in general?], tolerate months of standing in the dark, plus avoid being eaten by predators. While survival of the fittest seems to be the main rule here, egg-balancing and egg-transportation also proved to be vital skills!

So whenever you feel the urge to complain (esp on a COC event), just think of what the Emperor Penguins had to overcome just to survive (or what harsh conditions those determined cinematographers filmed in), THEN "suck it up princess"!

- Wendy