Sat, May 5 2012 - Event of the Century (or 9/10ths of one) - Legendary Ed's 90th Birthday Bash! (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Angela H, Jorinda, Karen D, Marg, Rhonda S
Participants:Angela H, Jorinda, Karen D, Marg, Rhonda S, Ed, Brent Stephens (Polé Polé), David Meisner, Laurie T., Judy T, Leslie N, Janet, Ian M, Lynn R, Jenn D..., Geoff C, Tim T, Shahin, Mélanie, Michelle H., Lana T, debbie christianson, Stephanie, Laura L, Kim Parkin, Bob Yoisten, Ann N, Jason Sokolosky, Patrick King, Sibel (Mushroom), Anna-Lisa, Diane I, Gregory MacIvor, Tracy P, Laura W, Mike H., Len M., Randy J, Harry d, Charlie, Katherine D, Pascale C., Robert J., Mehrnoush, Louise P, Zenny N, Paul, Mary M, TomMac, Dana K, John Keith, Maureen Keith, Marianna, Dorian Rivers-Orlesky, RodSwenson, Caroline Léger, Iren, Wendy Wong, Hanh Nguyen, EdR, Valerie Bell, Florence, Elena, Sus A., gerri g, Lily

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Write Up:
Happy Birthday dear Ed! So many COC members have shared wonderful outdoor adventures with you through the years since you became a member of this great club. Many of us have come to call you 'good friend.' It's always a pleasure to spend time with you, Ed. Your good nature, willingness to help out with club matters and on events, your patience with us slowpokes, and your zest for life and the outdoors are enjoyed and appreciated by all who know you. We look forward to sharing many more adventures with you in the years to come.