Sat, Sep 3 2011 - Mountain Bike - Jumpingpound Loop/BBQ (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jason Sokolosky
Participants:Jason Sokolosky, Darren, Cara, Luis Urbina, Martin V, Mark P, Jeremy, Richard B, Susan A, kate, Samah Rizkalla, Tanya L, Debbie C

Write Up:
The weather started out a little cool, but quickly warmed up. It was a sunny day.

We started riding the easier South side of the trail first (clockwise). Everyone did this section, but 3 people turned back and went back the way they came.

The rest carried on and the did the North side of the loop. There were a few minor falls, but nothing serious.

5 of the guys did the loop again counterclockwise while the others started the BBQ. Some of the second group went back along the road at the half way point, and the others went back along the trail.

Mark had some problems with the BBQ, but thanks to Richard was able to get it started.

Most people brought sausages, and we hung out eating and chatting for about an hour.

Thanks to Mark, and Martin for helping to coordinate and Mark for bringing the BBQ.

Thanks all for coming out!