Sun, Oct 23 2011 - Int Mtn Bike-Quirk Creek, Wildhorse (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jason Sokolosky
Participants:Jason Sokolosky, Richard B, Mitch, Dan, Erin N, ROBERT M, Ann Dudley, Jeremy, Julia, Doug B, Mark M, Richard

Write Up:
We definitely did the ride, but....

About 1/2 of the ride had approx 1 cm of snow cover on the trail.

There was lots of hesitation as we first arrived at the parking lot. Highway 66 had some snow and ice on it as we drove there, and there was about 1 cm of snow all around the Cobble parking lot.

One of us decided it wasn't safe and stayed behind, but the rest decided to at least start the ride and see how it went.

The river crossing went o.k., but it was definitely cold. We changed our shoes and left our wet pairs behind.

The forest road was covered in about 1cm of snow, and this slowed us down some. However, when we reached the top of the road, the road was starting to clear up and there were many sections without snow.

We stopped at the Threepoint Canyon lookout for lunch and decided it would be o.k. to complete the ride.

On the way back along Wildhorse, there was snow on the trail, but it didn't slow us down much. The descent back to the river was slippery at the top, but got much better as we reached the bottom.

We crossed the river, and got back to the parking lot.

No injuries, and no mechanicals. In general the group road well together.

After the ride we went to the Saloon in Bragg Creek for drinks.

Thanks all for coming out!