Sat, Nov 26 2005 - Gorilla Theatre at Loose Moose Theatre (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Wendy Wong
Participants:Wendy Wong, Kieran Matthews, Rosita, Rhonda O, Karin, Lily Schwarz, Jenn D..., lana, Glenda Hess, Linda Cunndel, Diana, Keith R., Grant, Alissa, Dot , Scrambling Man, Joyce Choma, Ambrose Gross, Gwen Gross, Hung-Hao, Lily T, Deanna, Jane, Jeff M, Helen, Robert J., Shona, Mark, Janey H, Mike Sanderman, Gerald (Jerry) Radke, Allison

Write Up:
Banana! Forfeit! Banana! Forfeit! With a simple yell, we expressed our approval or displeasure of the director's improvised scene.

As a big group showed up for this event, it was hard for everyone to meet everyone else or to sit together. As if sensing my predicament, the improv troupe started by asking the audience to introduce themselves to each other (which I really appreciated).

Then the laughs & groans started - skits about kissing with braces, the importance of SPF 30, where to put your hands on an Air Canada flight, what parrots & budgies really think of being caged, touching monkeys, the comedian who continued to be a grandpa to the chagrin of the director, a skit performed sideways...

- Wendy

And some people were delighted to discover alcoholic beverages for sale.