Sun, Sep 16 2012 - Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): David Meisner, Marg
Participants:Marg, Geoff C, Lynn R, Stuart, David Dunsmore, Ruth, Hilary E, Lori L., Judy T, Cheryl J, Deborah Treijs, Jim Hudson, Randy J, David Houston, David Meisner, Rebecca

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Write Up:
Lucky us had a beautiful afternoon for our GCSC cleanup this year. Many thanks to the 16 people who came out to help as our cleanup area was increased from what I expected and also there was much more debris and trash than we expected. It took many of us the full 3 hours to complete our route. All totaled, we collected 109lbs of trash + returnable containers, including unusual items such as a vehicle tire + rim, a boomerang, empty fireworks tube, and tennis balls. The most disturbing was over 350 pieces of unidentified plastic and styrofoam, 545 food wrappers & containers, 228 plastic and paper bags, 527 cigarette butts, 7 condoms(ewww), lots of dog poo some in bags, most not, along with lots of other trash. We can feel good about making a big contribution to keeping this stuff out of our waterways.