Wed, Jul 4 2012 - Guided Afternoon Icewalk on Athabasca Glacier (3hrs) (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Ed, Karen D
Participants:Karen D, Sharon Wu, Ed, Laura K, Maggie S, Derek Bishop, Syd K, Shelley M, Randy J

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Write Up:
Wow, wow, wow, and wow !!! What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon !!!

Larry, our guide, met us at the Glacier Parking lot. Once we geared up and got fitted for instep crampons, we started "walking" up the hill to the toe of the glacier. Because there is a water stream of run off between the bedrock ground and toe of the glacier, we crossed over a wooden plank about 10 feet long to get onto the glacier.

And now the glacier is beneath our feet !!! We put on our instep crampons and headed up. At the beginning, the glacier was smooth (as far as glaciers go !), lot of small gravel rocks deposited by the melting glacier onto it's toe. Around 1/2km to 1km in, you could see the glacier's surface change. There are rising "hills" or "waves" with beautiful white snow and blue sky mixed in !

All thru the hike, Larry was teaching us all about glaciers; their geology, millwells, striations, crevasses, etc..... and the chocolate presentation was superb (won't spoil it for you in case you book a tour yourself !)

The stats: In 3hrs 15mins, we hiked 4.4km return with a net elevation gain of 195M, but at 2141M above sea level !!!

What a great group we had !! So many have never visited this glacier and have always wanted too as they drove by it on several occasions ! After we finished the hike, we went to Stoney's Grill in Canmore for a great supper :)

Thank you Ed for arranging the carpool, and thank you everyone for joining my guest Sharon and I on this wonderful hike in Jasper National Park !

Happy Trails,