Sat, Oct 13 2012 - James Walker Route (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Barbara B., Sylvia(1) A.
Participants:Sylvia(1) A., Vivienne, Andra, Darlene S, Adrian J, Barbara B., Randy J, Omid Eg

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Write Up:
If there is one thing that was truly unique about this day, it was the weather. The forecast looked fine enough - few rain showers in the morning, but clearing to afternoon blue sky. Always be prepared for winter though, as we were greeted with horizontal winds up in the cirques. These were filled with little snow pellets blasting us in the face. It's natures free exfoliator. If glasses didn't wrap around, your eyes got bombarded - ouch.

We did, however, have a nice leisurely lunch tucked behind a large rock. Omid brought his stove and shared tea - thank you for the warmth! A few venured further up into the cirque, bargaining to go 45 minutes in each direction, but were back in 25 minutes due to the harsh weather. Ripples drifted across the lake. It was spectacular in its own way.

Longing for some warmth and shelter, we started heading back a bit, then switched that plan and poked our heads into the second cirque. It was more sheltered, more colourful, a different world. A few blue sky patches emerged before we headed back into the trees.

For those familiar with this valley, from the first lake one ascends up through a pinch point to the upper cirques. The guide book makes mention of the grizzly habitat and leaving the area if you have a sighting for one can't really give the bear an escape route. With our lucky charms packed, half-way through the forested stretch back to the lower lake, we were welcomed by a loud roar just ahead of us. It was one of those s***-it's-below-us-how-do-we-get-out moments, but the group was cooperative and quickly pulled all cans of bear spray and air horns. Sticking cosily together, we gave it a few minutes before continuing down the trail and sounding like the saddest singing and noise-making group ever. We did not see bear tracks in the snow and believe that it warned us when it heard us coming.

Finishing earlier than expected, a few decided to venture for drinks at Woody's before heading back to the city where it was summer. Listening to CDs in the car, some of us learned that one of our own hikers is his own recording artist. Where were those heavy metal skills when we were out in the woods, Randy? :-)

Thank you all for a great adventurous day in the mountains, and thank you to Randy and Adrian for driving.