Sun, Feb 17 2013 - X Country Skiing - PLPP (Visitor's Centre, all levels) (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jason Sokolosky
Participants:Jason Sokolosky, Andre, SuzanneEM, Jo, Debbie A, Beate, Larissa, Swavek, Chris R, Ron CS, Michelle P, Gord P, Lynda G

Write Up:
There was lots of new snow, making it a tough wax day. The temperature started off around -5C and overcast. In the beginning it was hard to get traction for hills, but later it was hard to get glide while going down.

I distributed radios to keep in contact with everyone.

Ad-hoc groups formed:

My group stopped at the top of Whiskey Jack for about 10 minutes. As we descended down Pocaterra it started snowing producing white-out like conditions and making the glide even more difficult.

At the intersection of Lynx and Pocaterra we got separated, with Andre, Beate, Chris, and Jo-Anne ahead of me. Lynx was very difficult for me as I had no glide and icing on the skies.

When I got back to the parking lot, Gord and Larissa's group was already there, but Andre's group wasn't...

Andre (once again) made a wrong turn and took the new comers astray! They ended going an extra 3 km to Elkwood Parking before realizing they went the wrong way!

Andre, Beate, Jo-Anne, Chris finally returned with Chris leaving a broken poll at the other parking lot.

Lynn had separated from her group and was at the parking lot. We waited about 1 hr before the remaining people returned.

The snow slowed down everyone on the trip.

Stats (for my trip):

Note: people thought having radios was a good idea. Will bring them next time.

After returning to the carpool some of us went to Moose McGuire's for drinks.

Thanks all for coming out!