Fri, Sep 6 2013 - Volunteer Appreciation Party (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jeremy, Geoff W, Louise P, Noel Sam, Biker Brian, Yannick
Participants:Jeremy, Geoff W, Louise P, Noel Sam, Yannick, Biker Brian, Melanie, Cheryl :), Allie B (On The Go), Veronique, Barbara B., Wendy Wong, Mark MacG., Rick M, Mark P, Beth, Danny O, JamesVB, Roy Scarisbrick, Larissa, Anna-Lisa, Mance, Jim F, Peter H., Linda R, Sylvia(1) A., Jason Sokolosky, Leila M, Shaun L, Claudine, Daryl C, Gary Bowen, Lori L., Marina VB, Harry d, Jean C, Pascale C., Cynthia Rose, Serhiy C, Alli, Yavi, Brian, RobinS, RoyG, Martine, Brayden, Jeff C, Len M., Carol Guthrie, becky, Melanie's, Rosanne, Bryan D, Sweller Van Dweller, Dan Bannister, chris w, Doublefault Phil, Shelley R, John B, Eva, John, Kathy

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Write Up:

Now that was one heck of a party!

Thanks to all the Volunteer and Premier Members who joined the Board of Directors last night for our 2013 Appreciation Event. We truly value the work and effort that all our volunteers put in and we thank our Premier members for helping to support the Club.

Garage Billiards turned out to be an excellent venue to host our event. We had multiple pool tables, a foose ball table, and a highly competitive ping pong battle going on in one corner! The food was delicious and seemed that it just kept on coming!

It was great to meet many smiling new faces, and of course re-unite with some old "off-season" friends as well. Photos were not the greatest quality but have been posted here for you to see: http: //

Again we'd like to congratulate all of our award winners from last night. For the record they were:

Volunteer Awards

Special award:
Melanie Tessier (Was nominated for Most promising new coordinator, Most active coordinator, and was in the running for person who turned in the most amount of donations.)

Premier Member Awards

Thanks again for coming out and we hope to see you all the at upcoming Annual General Meeting!

Jeremy, Yannick, Louise, Brian, Geoff, Noel.
Board of Directors
Calgary Outdoor Club