Sun, Oct 4 2015 - Mount Charles Stewart, South Peak (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Gil
Participants:Gil, Gail, Dani Z, Pierre

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Write Up:
The week looked miserable but we had a small window on Sunday to summit Mount Charles Stewart and meet the Sun. Driving into Canmore, arriving at Johnny’s Trail (Entrance to Cross Zee Horseback Riding Ranch), we could see that a heavy fog had socked in the summit and the low-lying areas.

We quickly took the creek bed and eventually followed an orange tag that put us on Johnny’s trail. However, the slope grade increased and veered us away from the creek. We decided to drop back down into the creek bed, which eventually took us to the beautiful Stoneworks Canyon. Emerging out of Stoneworks Canyon we continued to follow the creek bed until the creek began to veer NE becoming a water slab. (Approximately 4.8 km or 2 +/- hours. ) We went NW or left towards Mt Charles.

At this point, we were still unable to see any mountains or summits and walking in a blanket of fog. Thank God for GPS. We took a breather at a large rock in the middle of the rock field and it was only a few moments, in the stillness of the air, the skies gently opened up and we could see Mt Charles Steward. The sky continued to open up and as we rose up above the clouds we could see all of the Canmore Valley filled with this blanket fog and cloud, but we were now welcomed with the brilliance of the sun.

We continue up the steepening grade, zigzagging, step kicking our way, and taking turns up the slope. A slog it was!

We were joyfully surprised to see Kathrine and Greg behind us following our tracks. We eventually rendezvous at the easterly ridge and moved towards the summit together. It was a beautiful day on a sacred Sunday. Thanks everyone.