Fri, Mar 18 2016 - COC Club Night at the MEC (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Mark MacG., Jason Sokolosky, Lois
Participants:Mark MacG., Jason Sokolosky, Lois, Gregory MacIvor, Cheryl :), Iryna, Jeff C, Rick M, Betty E, Brian, Bob Z., CanadianSmiley, Debbie A, chris w, Laurie MacAdams, David Neame, Adriana, Kevin D, Nelson, MeiLi, Denise B, Marian, Paul L, Kate L, Beth, Zosia, Morgan, Hermann, Tsering D, Lawrence, Len M., Lorrie W, Roger A, Steve C, Caren Dymond, Ivo H, Jana Banana, Wendy B, HAYDEE J, Amanda080880, Grant P, Mike W, Grant H, Grant K, Jan, Marvella, Ken Mcleod, Hung-Hao, Lily T, Wil, Tim, Warren, Michael Clarke, Mandy V, Jesse, Ben Cheong, Debbie C, Marek R, Duane, kate, Ryan C, Susan, Calvin C, Josee Anderson, PattiD, Ian Stacey-Salmon, Rob M, KL, Karen, Gord P, John B, Eva, Thomas R, Kitty, Mike S., Robincoco, Shirley, Casey Zayko

Write Up:
The night was good. In total there were about 75 COC members that took advantage of the discount. Likely saving us $1000s of dollars!.

Mark was selling coffee to raise funds for the club, and Lois and I (Jason) were at the door crossing people off the list and issuing wrist bands.

Thanks to Mark for organizing with MEC and Lois for helping out at the front door!

The next MEC club night is scheduled for Sept 16, 2016 - see you all then!