Sat, Aug 13 2016 - Mt Jimmy Simpson (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Gil
Participants:Gil, Gail, Egor T, chris w, Aarmaan, Dale, Susan, Math Tutor

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Write Up:
It is encouraging to have the faithfulness of the sun’s warmth, the vibrancy and richness of God’s creation, and the friendship of good company – today was one of those days. As we travelled into a painting of undulating beauty, the landscape kept us in unbroken suspense as each bend around the corner unveiled new frontiers for us to walk and climb upon.

Once off the beaten path near the headwall of bow falls, Cairns defined most of the way. The tricky part is once on the east slopes of the south ridge was determining which ledge to climb. Off the ledges, the land opens up to a couple broad benches, we choose the second bench to have lunch before we began our climb to the col and eventually to the summit. Once you reach the col, the rest is a ‘slog’, like a floor lined with a carpet of no change in grade or color.

The returned was even more beautiful as the sun casted long shadows, opened up new territories of colors, and provided new vantages of the vertical ledges casted upon the backdrop of the glaciers. Thanks friends. Be blessed in the weeks ahead.