Fri, Sep 16 2016 - COC Club Night at the MEC (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jason Sokolosky, Lois
Participants:Jason Sokolosky, Lois, Diane I, Carol N., KyleM, Morgan, Brian, Rhonda K, Leonard Kampel, Julia T, Dani Z, Hiro, Marvella, Kevin Starozik, Jonathan, Mike, SuzanneEM, Sonya, Sarah J, Kevin J, Julie, colin, Ivan Y, Hung-Hao, Lily T, Don Hughes, Jason Billings, Steph K, Gregory MacIvor, JonnyP, Zosia, Noel Sam, MJSam, Christina, Iren, chris w, Sandra L., Richard B, Mandy, Eric, rod, Gary M

Write Up:
The night was good. In total there were about 42 COC members that took advantage of the discount. Likely saving us $100s of dollars!.

My 2-year old daughter, Nadiya, helped me distribute wrist bands at the front door (very cute if I do say so myself!). Later Lois came and gave me a break while I did some shopping with Nadiya.

Thanks to Mark for organizing with MEC and Lois for helping out at the front door!

We're already discussing dates with MEC for the next club nights. Likely March and September. Keep an eye on the calendar.

Thanks all. Jason