Sat, Feb 4 2017 - Little Lawson, South End Snowshoe (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Gil
Participants:Gil, Gail, Tor, chris w, Michelle, Marvella, Trina

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Write Up:
Hello Friends!

It was cold day but 6 brave souls went forward. Even with snow fall, the trail that leads away (SE) from the aqua duct (before the main aqua duct housing) is generally obvious (pink tape markers). As we approached the false and true summit, the snow gets deeper from 6" to knee and thigh deep in some places.

There is one or two exposed spots (Winter conditions but summer would not be negligible) I believe, around the noticeable contour 'bend' as we approach the true summit, but this can be carefully navigated by staying close to the tree line or going into the tree line. The only easy scramble component is about 5 metres long, a few hundred meters from the summit. This would be considered more of a hike.

Thanks everyone for your cheerful spirits and camaraderie. Be blessed and hope to see you on the next journey together!