Sun, Oct 15 2017 - Bow Peak (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Gil
Participants:Gil, Gail, Marvella, Marion M

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Write Up:
COLD and DEEP ...

4 brave souls entered the wilderness.

There was none to little of any identifiable track. Our endeavour was trackless, backdropped against the beauty of creation, God's glorious wonder and awe... and thankfully a gps track to help steady the way :).

However, after all the research for weather, satellites, etc... pointing to a dry outing, cold peak. Inevitably, we began from 6" inches of snow to knee deep and at times thigh deep. Emerging out of the tree line, we realized avi country was in pre- season, although not enough snow to cause too a great concern. We made it to the just below the col where 2 lakes or pools resided, but the wind and snow was fierce. The breaking of the semi wet snow all the way up, even with gortex boots, still caused a chill in the feet. We could have made a push for the last 1.5 km but decided that was our summit.

We tried to have lunch but even behind a rock we were unable to eat and had to retreat to the tree line for sanctuary. As we continued into the tree line, we heard avalanche near by.

Still all in all, we had a exceptional time of fellowship, humor, exercise, challenge, and adventure.

Hat's off to these 3 ladies - rock solid, 'tough as nails'. Watch the "fun video" at the end. Great job friends! Until next time.