Sun, Aug 26 2018 - Burstall Pass (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Simone
Participants:Simone, Mick, Amanda, Yuko Okui, Dave K, Tracy Ann

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Write Up:
The day was spent with a happy-go-lucky easy-going group. When we arrived at the trail head, parks staff had just closed it due to a defensive bear attack. We decided to hike the next open trail, which took us to Rummel Pass. While your humble coordinator is the only one who had never been to Burstall, one member had never been to Rummel Lake and another had never been to the pass. It seemed like everyone was happy with the unexpected change of plans and several said they liked the trail even better than Burstall.

Smoke only minimally compromised the views en route. We delighted in the waterfalls along the summer approach and the silence and view of the rock at the lake was awesome as always. We stumbled upon a family of ptarmigan in the rubble as we continued to the pass. From the pass we looked down upon Lillian lake and considered whether to do it as a through hike with a shuttle in the future. Then by surprise we spotted far below a group of sheep - yes everyone, I looked it up, mountain sheep have white bums.

We hustled down to make it to Engadine Lodge before the end of the tea service. Then home.