Sun, Sep 23 2018 - Noseeum Scramble (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Gil
Participants:Gil, Gail, DirkB, Christy, Tor, CJ

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Write Up:
We 'traversed' away from Noseeum and went to Smutwood Peak.

This write-up is not for Noseeum but Smutwood Peak.

"Mountain Moodiness, Undulating Weather."

An encouraging, joy filled group of friends to meet and reconnect!

On this day, I had planned to go to Noseeum Peak, but a heavy snowfall warning for the Jasper Corridor down to Lake Louise came through Friday dropping 15-20 cm of snow. Late Saturday afternoon / evening, upon consulting with others sharing about snow in the area and avalanche dangers, I decided to go to 'drier lands' ... so the group agreed and we went to Smutwood by the Smith Dorrien Trail / Spray Lakes Road.

None of us had done Smutwood scramble before which made it mysterious and adventurous especially for a late scramble at the tail end of this shoulder season.

The good news, the 19 km trip had a flat approach of 5km (10 km return).

The not so good news. Smutwood was known for its beautiful views, but inclement weather made for adventurous travel. :) Weather was 'moody', from severe wind chills, snow, and rain, causing us to delayer multiple times. We had some reprieve as we welcomed the brief... Very very brief periods of sun and blue skies, but generally ... we had cloudy, rain, and dense fog / clouded terrain. Joyful team spirits, encouraged the atmosphere!

Recent snowfall made an easy scramble into a moderate scramble, especially at the crux about 60+ metres before the summit.

Overall, we had a wonderful and rich outing together. Appreciate looking out for each other! Thank God for safe travels and for enjoying His good creation. Thanks everyone!