Sun, Sep 30 2018 - Anklebiter Ridge + Bluemat Hill Scramble (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Gil
Participants:Gil, Gail, CJ, DirkB, Marvella, Leszek, nash, Allen

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Write Up:
It is always a mystery to start in the dark as the possibility of our hopes and plans makes way with the hopes of a rich and successful outing with friendships and new friendships.

Our forecast favourably predicted sun and clouds, but as we approach our starting destination at grotto lake parking lot, clouds persisted to pave our way.

Anklebiter definitely provides an craggy range and flow of different rock formations with multiple short opportunistic routes to appeal to ranges of skill, easy to moderate. Immediately, you will find yourself, 'hands on' which provide volumes of entertainment on this mountain. Early on in our hike, this mountain reminds me of Door Jamb and Loder peak.

The remaining parts of our trip was adventurous routing finding. Before descending off of Anklebiter we found ourselves meandering on the peak trying to find the easiest way down to continue our loop hike. A short walk, southeast of the peak N51° 04.892' W115° 12.252' was a difficult downclimb / and even side step on rocky, snow patch terrain with hidden ice melt on rock. Therefore, we head back and wandered northeast and avoided the entire rock, snow, ice range until we came along its proximity to the treeline N51° 04.928' W115° 12.344'. Helmets and icers a must. From this vantage, trees and brush offered better opportunity to brace and secure oneself coming down, until we could see a clearing to traverse below the rockwall. You'll see a tiny cave that easily marks an area to begin traversing across. The rest of our trip found us sometimes on course and off course as we found ourselves bushing and trying to get 'back on point' to ascertain the crest or clearing, but that was all part of the adventure.

Overall a great shoulder season, short trip near Canmore! Great adventurous fellowship on Anklebiter, ending the day having a few cheers at "The Iron Goat Pub" in Canmore. Thanks again everyone for a wonderful outing and looking out for each other! Looking forward to our next adventure.