Sun, Oct 14 2018 - Mount Roberta (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Gil
Participants:Gil, Gail, DirkB, Robincoco, Allen, Morgan, Robert W

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Write Up:
A short scramble. A short day for Roberta Peak! We had the 3 R's - Roberta, Robert, Robin on that peak :). What are the chances!

A mountain that is less travelled, I thought why not, for a short outing on a beautiful Sunday! Oddly enough, that day, there were 5 other groups that were up and down the mountain.

A seemingly warm day, started off freezing cold, but eventually we warmed up as we entered a 'flagged trailed' off the road / hiking trail and bushwhacked our way up. Keep your eyes on the gps track or you could miss the entry point.

We thought of keeping to Vern's track from Explo8ion to keep far climbers left of the gully as both Bob Spirko and Matthew Clay referenced thick chest deep brush. However, others had broken trail in the past weeks and it made more sense to stay the broken course which took us towards Bob and Matthew's tracks.

At the col, we regrouped and we made a short climb to the summit where we enjoyed the views and a quick lunch. We returned a different path, which took us way skier's left beyond everyone's gps tracks. The choice definitely was a gem. The snow padded our return down where we momentarily connected up with the broad hiking trail.

If it was the summer, I was curious whether I'd take our descent, upwards, as it is steep and the rocks beneath are loose, if one chose to venture that way you could stay to the climbers left as there are grassy flat spots but you'd still have to negotiate some side hilling. The other option is the historic bushwhacking. Either way, it is very short work for great views.

Great day Folks! Will see you next time!