Sat, Aug 24 2019 - Mist Mountain, Scramble (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Gil
Participants:Gil, Gail, Chris., CJ, Tracy Ann, Holly, nash, Constantine

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Write Up:
Last year Oct 6 2018 we attempted:

We had a grand time 1 year ago but did not summit.

But this year we "Summited!"

As you approach the summit, there are 2 scree shoots to go up. We went up the farthest LEFT shoot which was a steep slog. However, what made the left side more difficult was FINDING solid ground, rocks, or slabs to walk up. We were constantly navigating back and forth looking for solid ground. [Word of caution on RIGHT shoot is more gradual approach, but lots of scree can also make it a slog to go up.]

The desirable way, is to go up the right shoot to the peak and then down the left shoot (Counter clockwise). A third, alternative would be to scramble up the right side of the ridge, BEFORE both shoots, then come back down the FAR LEFT shoot. "I know lots of shoots". I think the group was saying the same thing going up "SHOOT!"

Either way, we had a stunning day out, with little wind, ample sun, and the rain held back just enough for us to get back to our vehicles. It was encouraging to see some new faces and their support of one another and the group: Chris, Holly, and Constantine... As well, always a pleasure to see familiar friends faces.

Until next time. Be Blessed.