Mon, Jun 15 2020 - Volunteers meeting - Covid Stage 2 review (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Grant P
Participants:Grant P, Lorrie W, Roy Scarisbrick, Gregory MacIvor, Jim Fischer, Simone, Mick, Wei

Write Up:
Mon 15th June Covid Meeting

We had a very good meeting that was unfortunately marred by a couple of technical issues. A couple people had mic issues, and a couple had connection/internet issues. However everyone on the call was able to make a contribution and along with feedback in addition to our participants we have made some revisions to our club guidelines. As before we are erring on the side of caution and haven't relaxed all restrictions but the aim is to keep people safe so once again not all activities will be permitted even if Alberta Government guidelines say its OK. The executive reserves the right to veto events we feel may be contrary to our guidelines and urge any coordinator who isn't sure to send questions to to clarify before posting.

A tl:dr summary of club guidelines will be given below but the following is to explain how we arrived at the revised guidelines and some of the reasoning behind them. We will revise them again after Alberta moves into Stage 3.

With feedback from all who participated we decided to increase the group maximums, allow participants more discretion on carpooling, and allow more outdoor activities. Other precautions and restrictions will remain in place. It was decided that some of the restrictions should remain in place until the government takes us into Stage 3 at which time we will meet again to further discuss before making revisions.
** Group maximums. The government has doubled the gathering limits and most coordinators felt doubling our temporary max was appropriate. Although there were no objections to this a couple of participants expressed they would be unlikely to post an event with 12 participants at this time. It's worth noting that while we have minimums for safety, our coordinators are at liberty to choose their own group sizes appropriate to the event or activity. Sometimes the experience is better for small groups. Likewise during this pandemic, although we now have a temporary group maximum of 12, each coordinator may choose to pick a lower group size. If your coordinator wishes to restrict their group to 6 for example, please do not contact them asking to be added from the wait list just because the Covid max is 12. Your coordinator has full discretion as to if they wish to add extras.
** Carpools. This was a tricky topic because although Alberta government doesn't prevent them, many people are still reluctant to use them. Although our coordinators weren't against carpooling they were reluctant to choose who should ride with who. At this time the club will allow coordinators to post a convoy/meeting location, however participants will have to choose their own carpool options based on who they are comfortable riding with or may choose to convoy in their own vehicle. Please don't pressure someone to ride in their car if they have chosen to convoy alone. You may choose to wear masks in a carpool vehicle and use hand sanitizer but this will be at the discretion of the vehicle owner.
**Outdoor/indoor activities. Previously we had prohibited court and ball games. The government has suggested for court games like tennis that marking ownership of balls, not touching such shared equipment but to only flip the ball back using the racquet. The list of suggestions from the government is quite extensive so we will not be trying to be comprehensive here. Instead we decided that it is not yet time to permit indoor activities for COC events because of the increased risk of transmission. Outdoor activities should not occur unless all shared equipment is sanitized between people touching it. Once again this means activities such as volleyball, softball, etc are not appropriate at this time. Racquet sports can be used by identification, and flipping of shared equipment such as balls and shuttlecocks without touching. Other games should avoid use of shared equipment so disc golf for instance means having your own discs and not loaning or sharing. 2m physical distancing is still required so doubles are not permitted, only singles games on courts. Multiple players are permitted for activities such as disc golf provided 2m is maintained.
**Physical distancing. This is something that will be with us for some time yet. The government is starting to allow limited exceptions with cohorts now but the COC will be maintaining 2m requirements with the exception of family units, or people from the same household. Carpooling as explained will be discretionary but masks and hand sanitizer is suggested. Please remember that this 2m rule is for the benefit of all participants and applies to anyone you may encounter on the trail, regardless of if you know the person - maintain 2m.
** Covid questionnaire. The event itinerary must be preceded by the questions in red still, and all participants should be acknowledging those questions in the notes section of the sign up process. Some participants are not doing this leading to the coordinator having to follow up to make sure everyone is aware of the guidelines.

One of the things the Executive would like to see is more events on the calendar. We're sure that is a view shared by most club members so we had a brief discussion on that. How we can get coordinators to be more active is something we will need more discussion on but there was a feeling we could increase the level of commitment expected. We will make this a topic for discussion at a future meeting because more feed back will be needed and there are other considerations including availability to take into account. In addition to a future meeting, if anyone in the club has feedback on ways we could encourage activity from both coordinators and members, please contact the Executive or send us an email.

COC Covid temporary guidelines effective as of 15th June 2020
* CARPOOLS/CONVOYS - Coordinators are allowed to post a convoy/meet location if they wish but will not be arranging a carpool. Participants must use their own discretion in choosing to convoy or carpool. Masks and hand sanitizer use is suggested but at the vehicle owners discretion.
* GROUP SIZE - Minimums; 2 in town or 3 out of town. Maximum 12. Coordinator may choose smaller group sizes than the max.
* PHYSICAL DISTANCING - Mandatory 2m with event participants and also other people in the vicinity.
* FOOD/SNACKS - Bring your own. No sharing permitted.
* MASKS - Encouraged but not required. It is strongly suggested masks be taken even if not used the whole time, in case of an emergency or if a situation develops that requires them and/or PPE gloves.
* INDOOR/OUTDOOR - Indoor events not permitted at this time. Outdoor events must follow all government guidelines. Online events OK.
* SHARED EQUIPMENT - Use and touching of shared equipment is not permitted without proper sanitization between people. Racquet sports may occur with singles, and ID/flipping without touching equipment per Alberta government guidelines. Games involving shared equipment without sanitization are not permitted (e.g. volleyball, softball, or similar, etc).
* HAND WASHING/SANITIZER - Encouraged wherever possible. Bring your own wipes, sanitizer, or masks (if needed).
* CHANGES - Event may be cancelled or changed on short notice due to changes in government restrictions, or at the coordinators discretion.
* ILLNESS - Please do not sign up if you are experiencing any flu like, cold, or Covid19 symptoms.
* EVENT REGISTRATION - Please remember to answer the Covid questions in the notes section when you register for an event.

* Coordinators - please consider if your choice of event will allow following all restrictions. If not please choose another location or time. Not all events/trails will be suitable so we are relying on you making responsible choices. (e.g. Johnston Canyon would not allow for 2m physical distancing when passing others on the suspended walkways).
* All event descriptions to be prefaced by the Covid19 disclaimer as stipulated by the Executive. A reminder should be included in the email reminder. These conditions to be verbally repeated at the convoy, and/or event start to be sure all participants are aware of the current restrictions.

Should you have any specific questions,you can ask the Club Executive or please email them to

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