Thu, Jul 30 2020 - Volcano Ridge, Link Creek, Gorge Creek (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jim Fischer
Participants:Jim Fischer, Lynn, Jeff Surtees

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Write Up:
The day promised record heat and afternon thunderstorms. Given this, along with the fact that none of us had done this hike before, there was potential route-finding involved, and the day called for 19k, we opted for an 8:00 AM start. While originally planning to do the more beaten path of Volcano Ridge Trail/Link Creek Trail/Gorge Creek Trail, we all agreed to try and find the direct route up to the south peak of Volcano Ridge. We found this easily, despite warnings from numerous online references that it would be difficult. It was about 10 metres East of the sign at the junction of Volcano Ridge Trail and Gorge Creek Trail, 2.5K into our day. It was a clear single track that took us steadilly to the South summit. From there, we opted to proceed to the North summit. After dropping down to the saddle between the two, and finding the trail sign on Link Creek Trail, we discovered the trail to the north summit, again about 10 metres East of the sign in the saddle. Its start was flagged with tape. By 10:30 we were on the North summit. A lodgepole pine forest had kept us out of the sun on the way to the South summit; some forest kept us sheltered the rest of the way, along with a dark cloud that had gathered high above us. Were appreciative of a cool wind on the summit, which helped deter the bugs which were otherwise abundant. We returned to the saddle for some decision-making. We opted to take the longest way back, which was to proceed East on Link Creek Trail, then SW on Gorge Creek Trail. Link Creek Trail had some steep but manageable sections. Again, we were shaded, but the heat picked up as we descended into the valley. Gorge Creek Trail was a steady but gentle uphill walk back to the junction with Volcano Ridge Trail. Thunder started rolling in and a gentle shower greeted us as we made our way into the parking lot. It was just before 2:00 PM.

A bear warning was posted at this trailhead as of July 26, 2020. A grizzly and cub had bluff-charged some hikers twice on the Three Point Mountain Trail. The red-zoned area brushed up against the Western-most area of our hike. Hence the straight-forward and Gorge- Creek Trail routes were used partly to keep us away from this area.