Tue, Aug 18 2020 - Mount Ware (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Jim Fischer
Participants:Jim Fischer, Lynn, John C, Bozena, Jimmy, Jodi

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Write Up:
We started from the trail head at 0920 and made it back by 1600, after mking it to the top of Mt. Ware and the base of Little Ware. There are many routes up Mt. Ware. We opted for the trail that exits from the Gorge Creek Trail 5k into the hike. This junction occurs about 10 metres after passing through a gate/fence, and at the time of writing is tagged with flagtape. If you take this route you will rise out of the valley quickly and steadilly, and emerge on the ridge right at the base of Little Ware. We opted to follow the ridge through the forest. The forest is a lodgepole pine forest and, as such, is relatively easy to move through. There are trails/runs that one can follow. Be sure you are not dropping down to the north or south as you proceed, but stay on the ridge. We also took a compass bearing on the summit while we could still see it before entering the forest and used this to maintain a straight course. Eventually you reach the scree slopes to the summit. Proceed up, erring to the right. We aimed for the deciduous cluster at the top of the treeeline on the right-hand summit ridge. The talus slope became steep but I would not say this was a scramble. There was no exposure.

This trail lies within an area of K-Country that has posted a warning for the last two weeks. A grizzly bear with cub bluff- charged a hiker twice in late July on Threepoint Mountain Trail. The red warning zone borders the north and west valleys that drain Mt. Ware. A week before ur trip, hikers reported a black bear and two cubs in the Little Ware vicinity. They exited quickly upon seeing hikers. We saw evidence of scat and bear diggings of ant hills. Beware of your surroundings and make lots of noise.