Sat, Jun 5 2021 - Highwood Pass (Hwy 40) from North Winter Gate (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Brent Stephens (Polé Polé), Rhonda S
Participants:Brent Stephens (Polé Polé), Rhonda S, Shahin, Maryse, Lynne Laflamme, Julie, colin, Patrick, Duane, Michael M

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Write Up:
It is common in these parts to experience all four seasons in one day. Today I think the universe threw in a couple of bonus seasons! It was one part delight, one part challenge, one part misery, and one part note to self - don’t do this ride when the forecast is even remotely sketchy.

We had some attendees who went up and down quickly and got out early. They were the smart/lucky ones, although they still rode in some gusty gusty wind and rain.

My slow pace ensured that I was up at the pass on time to leave during the worst of the heavy rain and wind, which I (and my less-fortunate companions, Brent and Shahin) ‘enjoyed’ for the first half of the descent, with a top speed of 55km/hour with the rain (and a little hail) pelting me in the face. The best part about it is that I had learned from experience and had added some clothing layers at the top, and changed to insulated winter gloves and insulated pants for the descent.

Duane decided to make a whole day of it for himself and did the whole ride from gate to gate, which, I think is about 100km total. He says he got back to his vehicle at 7pm and rode through a snowstorm on the way down. The forecast for Longview was better than the forecast for Nakiska, so he probably had a better awesome-to-sucky ratio than the rest of us.

It was great to get out with a COC group again finally. I will, however, make a point to stick to doing this ride only when the forecast is really favorable.

Relive Track (Rhonda's ride)