Thu, Jul 1 2021 - Canada Day Water Recreation & Social (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Duane
Participants:Duane, Marc, Jenny, Cscutch, - - - -Ryan--Copeland- - - -:), Tracy, Pascale C., Stéphane Drolet, mami, Mel, Sweller Van Dweller, Jesse, Gregory MacIvor, Laraine

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Write Up:
Harvie Passage was humming today as people from all over the city flooded the area in droves to escape the heat. Miraculously everyone managed to find a parking space and all successfully made their way to the meeting spot along the water's edge.

We had a fabulous time tubing, suntanning, soaking in the cool water and even floating the passage freestyle with nothing more than a life jacket. What a refreshing escape! Such a wonderful day and group!

Thanks for coming & Happy Canada Day!!!!