Fri, Oct 1 2021 - North Glenmore to the Bow along the Elbow - Relaxed Pace (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Rhonda S
Participants:Rhonda S, Brent Stephens (Polé Polé), Michel, Kim Parkin, Alex, Trevor, Duane, - - - -Ryan--Copeland- - - -:)

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Write Up:
We seriously could not have gotten a more beautiful, and pleasant day for this ride. It was just endless beauty.

At the start of the ride, I told everyone that we would make a "Brent and Rhonda sandwich" with me at the front and Brent at the back, to keep the group together. I didn't know the route and had just plotted it out on a map, though, and Duane knows my intended route really well, so it didn't take long for Duane to replace me at the front of the group, taking on the role of the "Rhonda" in the "Brent and Rhonda sandwich". Thank goodness. He knew the best paths to take, and it really was glorious.

It was wonderful to be back out with a COC group. Good to see everyone, and welcome to our newest member, Alex.

Here's my Relive video.

-- Rhonda