Tue, May 31 2022 - Mini Golf @ Steelecreek Adventure Golf (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Duane
Participants:Duane, Yannick, - - - -Ryan--Copeland- - - -:), Maureen, Annette, Marc

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Write Up:
Gotta love activities like this on weekday afternoons! It was as if we had booked the place for our own private party and we took full advantage playing through at a very relaxed pace while enjoying a great time of fun and fellowship.

Odds makers listed Annette as the heavy favourite today after her victory here last year but nobody told newcomer Yannick as he came in hot and dominated the first 9 holes, then hung on to win and spoil Annette's shot at a repeat. Yannick has been on a tear lately in the sporting world with a recent disc golf win and now this! Maybe its all that poutine he's been eating?

In addition we had not 1 but 2 hole in one shots today, Ryan on #14 and Yannick on #9 so congrats to both of them. Oh and yes I admit it, Maureen beat me. Are you happy now Maureen??? Everyone knows.

Thanks for playing, it was a great outing!