Sun, Sep 10 2023 - Heart Creek & Bunker Explorer (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): colin, Julie
Participants:colin, Julie, Kat, Danny M, Tom S, Michael Lowndes, Coral, Gillian T, Vin, Gabby R, TRAM, Jordi M

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Write Up:
It was a little chilly at the start so we had to break out the toques and gloves. We started our day with a hike up to the Cold War bunker which was a casual stroll on a gravel road most of the way. We doned our headlamps to explore the caves. Luckily we did not find any bats or bears. The walls were covered with graffiti and there was evidence of a fire pit. No worries about getting lost as the four tunnels were all dead ends.
It warmed up considerably on our trek up Heart Creek Trail. We admired lots of rock climbers and even a group of canyoneers repelling down a waterfall. Our lunch was enjoyed at the waterfall. After lunch we explored further up a trail with a couple creek crossings which took us further up the creek bed to a gorge.