Sat, Nov 18 2006 - Laser Tag at Laser Quest (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Marcel B, Wendy Wong
Participants:Genevieve D, Cindy K, David Meisner, Carlos Torres, Denise F, Ian M, Cezary S, Debbie A, Ed R, Stephen O, Sweller Van Dweller, Blake H, Dimiter V, murray w, Franco, glenn d, Ralph J, Danuse D, Rhonda O, Zeljko K, Dave B, Marcel B, Wendy Wong, David C, Cheryle B, Jessica B, Joern D, glenn h, Laurie F, eva s, Andrea G, Lynda, Dave S, Luke H, Gen B, Diana Z

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Write Up:
We had a few newcomers to the laser tag game this time. But it didn't take them long to catch on to the stealth required to survive and they were soon tagging with Rambo-like intensity.

Thanks to those that refrained from tagging me repeatedly :)


[Please see Mitko's version below.]

The guns were out again and a number of seasoned veterans crossed beams with a bunch of newbies. It was MMVI AD, however, the era of democracy and peace. The points lost in the rebellions of MMIV and MMV AD were not in vain and the Dictator stepped down. There was no major cause to fight for and even General Wong could not provide and motivate us with one. Maybe this is why we started off as individuals fighting alone. In keeping with the new times Death was not allowed or at least Dr. Death had to be replaced by Dr. Mort. Other rules like "Do not swear!" when being disabled by an enemy's laser were also disobeyed in foreign languages. Strange rules but I guess democracy and peace also have their drawbacks. I may not have died in English but I certainly died plenty of times in French before I learned that you cannot fight Mort but you can strike an alliance with her. I tagged ass after that and so did the Good who knew by then how to distinguish themselves from the Bad and the Half Bad so it was big troops clashing again. The fact that I survived to write about our feats and bravery in this battle tells you that the Good won a dramatic victory against the forces of Evil this day...and we were on with celebrating the peace at Shanks again.

From the Chronicles of Avalanche