Fri, Aug 3 2007 - Grotto Canyon and Grassi Lakes (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Karen D, Marty S
Participants:Suzanne T, Lutz from Maryland, alan J, Roy Prins, Karen D, Wendy, Iren

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Write Up:
A fantastic Friday out in the mountains. We started our hike at Grotto Pond and walked on the trail til with got to the canyon. Once walking thru the canyon, we were on a bed of dry rocks, and further into the canyon, a tiny runoff from the falls. Once we got to the falls, we took off our packs and scouted the area. Our Maryland guest, Lutz, was on our hike enjoyed our “Rockie scenery” !!! We headed back, and had lunch at Grotto Pond at the picnic tables. There were two fishermen fishing in the pond.

I was on a 21km hike on Wednesday and had injured my toe. Today, I managed to hike thru the canyon, but once back at the pond for lunch; I couldn’t walk without stressing & aggravating my small injury. Wendy offered to lead our group at Grassi Lakes to which I am forever grateful !!! Wendy also lead our group thru the Canyon as she was the only one who had done this hike before.

I drove out to Grassi Lakes our group, and thanked everyone for coming out today. For this first time in my hiking history, I couldn’t finish a hike. Since I did not attend the second half of our hike, please find below Wendy’s write-up.

At Grassi Lakes we took the "harder way" up and enjoyed the views of the valley and the waterfalls along the way. Once at the twin lakes, the sun came out and the shutterbugs snapped photos of the amazing colours in the little lakes. The two dogs had multiple dips in the lake to cool off as we stood around chatting and enjoying the views of the lakes and then we completed the loop by heading back down the "easy way." Not as scenic that way but much quicker. It was a nice little hike to finish off an enjoyable day of a couple of fun little hikes, cool scenery and great company.

Encounters on the trail: wild flowers, a rock trail thru the canyon, small waterfall, scenic views, other hikers, fishermen, and mosquitoes !!

A special thanx to Wendy for all her great help with leading our group thru the Canyon, and volunteering for the Grassi Lakes portion !! Thank you everyone for joining me on this short hike, and I had fun. Lutz, see ya next visit !!!

Happy Trails :)
Karen D.