Thu, Apr 26 2007 - Benchlands Loop at Canmore: Slowpokes and Dawdlers (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Karen D, Rhonda S
Participants:Karen D, Ann N, Carole A, Steve H, Shaun M, Christy, Hilary E

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Write Up:
I was so excited about leading my first ever group today that I forgot my hiking poles at home, which thankfully, on this hike you didn’t really need them.

We left the parking lot following the path along the creek adorned by these gorgeous homes. Unbeknownst to us, we missed our fork in the road (which was the widest fork ever !) and continued onwards until we reached a trail marker indicating the Lady MacDonald trail. "Not today" we all said !! So we backtracked for about 0.2km until we found the “rough rock cairn” as listed in our itinerary. We all laughed cuz both paths are lined with rock all over the place !!

No snow nor ice on this beautiful day, just a small chill in the wind. As we continued our ascent, the traverse opened up and the town of Canmore with its 360° mountain views were in full view and are tremendous to say the least. A little while later, we found a log bench on the trail and had lunch there. Many discussions took place which included, global warming, Al Gore, hybrid cars, and politics – and we were all still friends by the end of the conversations !!! Actually we were all of the same mindset :)

We continued on, and got “temporarily” off track due to the construction in the area at Silvertip. We took the road less traveled, as Ann pointed out – and we would never had run into the two elks on the path had we not !

Encounters on the trail: golden puppy dog, jogger with bear spray in hand, memorial cross for Isabelle Dubé, two elks, construction crews & equipment, street sweeper, butterflies, and last but not least, another dog !

I must say that I had a fabulous group for my inaugural coordinating event !!! Thank you everyone for joining me and helping with the navigation of our semi-marked & interrupted trail. I had lots of fun and hope you had too !!

Happy Trails :)
Karen D.