Thu, Aug 26 2004 - Roarin' Rhythms at the Zoo: Bomba (Salsa) (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Wendy Wong
Participants:Jennifer D, Philip W, Michelle B, Wendy Wong, Mike R, Jackie M, John S, Jeff M

Write Up:
As I watched it rain, day after day, I grew nervous that people might not be in the mood for salsa. Where was our famous "wait-5-minutes-if-you-don't-like-the-weather" weather?! But I shouldn't have worried as seven committed souls joined me :)

Before we made it to the main event, we detoured through Destination Africa. That is, Jennifer REALLY wanted to see her hippos. The gorillas were chillin' after a long, hard day of dealing with their constant human paparazzi outside their window. BUT what we found really unbelieavable was a duck feeding some fish! The duck generously took food (pellets?) from a tray and then dipped its beak into the water. Immediately, several fish surfaced with their mouths gaping open. This curious feat was repeated several times but alas, no one had a camcorder. This also attracted the attention of the other birds, who may have been outraged at this "unnatural" behaviour or may have been contemplating how to grab one of the fish. Amazing what one will do for entertainment if locked up long enough...

As it was sunny (and mosquito-free), we sat outside the tent for the first set & chatted as no one wanted to be the first on the dance floor. At intermission, the wind picked up and quickly cooled things down. That was a good thing as many people were forced inside to escape the wind (and to dance to warm up). It took some zoo employees to get the dancing started but our little group (except Jackie) soon followed. I'd like to think that our dance moves inspired other audience members to pack the dance floor. But then, it was the last zoo concert this season and it was almost a full moon ...

Whether to keep us on the dance floor or to help some of us dancing-impaired folks (as our robot and two-stepping moves didn't catch on), the band taught us a few dance steps (plus a few words). Again, I purposedly left the camera at home to allow members (especially our three club newbies) to cut loose without incriminating evidence :)

- Wendy