Thu, May 17 2007 - Bow Falls Viewpoint to the Hoodoos at Banff - Slowpokes and Dawdlers (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Ed K, Karen D
Participants:Ela Thakore, John S, Lila M, Margaret F, Sarah D, Ed K, Karen D

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Write Up:
What a perfect day for hike, not too hot and not too cold !!! A few of us not originally from Calgary have done this hike before, and for two Calgarians, it was their first time !

We took our time hiking to our lunch spot at the Hoodoos viewpoint. John & I were the hike’s paparazzi, and we took a zillion pictures along this beautiful trail on the outer limits of the town of Banff ! After our lunch, half of us went down to the hoodoos and took more pictures ! What a hike back up to the viewpoint, got all our hearts going …

Since one of our hikers had painful blisters, Ed graciously offered to come back with his car to pick up our hiker at the Hoodoos. Thank you Ed !!!

Encounters on the trail: various birds, shedded fur, jogger with bear spray in hand, camper trailers (early for the long weekend!), rafters, mountain bikers, an unleashed dog, squirrel in a tree wrestling with an orphaned gaiter (I swear it's true, I got witnesses !!!), crocuses, a bus load of tourists at the hoodoos, and lots of moss for Lila !!

Thank you for hiking with me today, I had a great time, and hope you had too !!!

Happy Trails :)
Karen D.