Tue, Jul 20 2004 - Shakespeare in the Park: The Taming of the Shrew (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Wendy Wong
Participants:Alana W, Mark Jeffers, David Tonner, Chris Mackie, Roberta Giesbrecht, Steph (SWAN), Wendy Wong, Nadine Campbell, karen hartley, Stephen Johnson, Dina O., Scott Parker, Cynthia Parker

Write Up:
With Stampede over, Calgarians (including COC members) came out in full force for Shakespeare. The weather also cooperated and only teased us with a few rain droplets, the occasional cloud, and a light breeze.

We were treated to a comedy (set in late 1950's Italy) that contrasted how two romances developed. One was full of action and loud public displays of emotion whilst the other romance grew slowly from quiet, secretive, courting conversations. But as with all things Shakespearean, there was also music, drinking, deceit, role reversal, and witty banter.

Also, worth mentioning is that our group was blessed with some enthusiastic and knowledgeable members. That is, Karen's enthusiasm (shouting out random answers before the question was asked) failed to win her any Flames tickets - just appreciative laughter/fans. And Chris almost won a food basket for knowing his Flames trivia - but alas, was not loud enough :(

- Wendy