Sat, Jul 7 2007 - Picklejar Lakes - Dawdlers & Slowpokes & Photographers (View Original Event Details)

Event Coordinator(s): Karen D, Rhonda S
Participants:celestine, Karen D, Dave O, Yuko Okui, Peter Vu, nicky, Kim, Lana A, Wendy

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Write Up:
Wow !!! On my way to the hike trailhead, I saw four grizzlies in total on the side of the road on three separate occasions, a heron, and two mountain goats ! I stopped and took some pics, and almost forgot that I had to get to a hike !!!

The other cars in the carpool saw 3 grizzlies, and a moose which crossed right in front of them on the road !!

With all this excitement before the hike – stories were abound at the event parking lot !!

Once at the trailhead, there was a warning sign indicating a bear in the area. Well, we saw them all from the road, and thankfully not on our hike. We started our hike with clouds in the sky, and halfway up, a light midst feel upon us and we all liked it – never hiked in a midst before !

Dave led us from the front while I led us from the back….. Only Peter had been on this hike the week before, while it was the first time for the rest of us. Once at the lakes, Peter led the way from Lake 1, 2 and 3. At Lake 3, we stopped and had our lunch. Not many people were around – however we did bump into a large group of tourists who camped overnight and were on their way back. Peter decided to test the temperature of the water, took off his shoes, and exclaimed that it’s not that cold !!

After lunch, we proceeded to the fourth lake and did the circumference while heading back to Lake # 3. On our way back, there were more hikers & fishermen !

Encounters on the trail: On side of Hwy 40 - 4 grizzlies (one really upset one !), mountain sheep, heron, and a moose, - on the trail; bird nest fallen from a tree, tourists, fishermen, chipmunk, birds, spiderweb in a burrow (see pic), many dogs, lots of wild colorful flowers, and deer.

Thank you for joining me on this hike, I had lots of fun and hope you had too.

Happy Trails :)
Karen D.